Chapit Zulkefli: 25 thing about shafiQ

Thursday, April 2, 2009

25 thing about shafiQ

Who’s shafiQ? They kept yelling at me, calling me shafiQ.
But they didn’t know who am I. Now, I'll reveal who is shafiQ.

1. Call me shafiQ, afiQ, chapit or names that are my name.
2. A boy who always stay alone from others.
3. I’m not a pious.
4. Hot tempered.
5. Can’t get enough sleep because always hard to sleep at night.
6. Don’t have many friends.
7. A workaholic.
8. Stay focus in whatever he do until forget to take meals or etc.
9. Hate backstabber, liar, and hypocrites.
10. Love graffiti, hip-hop, oldies, pop yeh yeh.
11. Always do ‘muka ketat’ (like being told by miera & zu).
12. Punctual.
13. Being labelled as an idiot, magpie, ‘perasan’, and others label.
14. I didn’t care whatever you want to say or judge about me.
15. Who cares what you think?
16. Can’t live without his watch, hand phones and wallet.
17. Revengeful.
18. Sometimes like having split personality.
19. Talk just on important things.
20. Seldom in joking.
21. Often being serious.
22. Hate being friendly because always being misunderstood by the others.
23. All bad things are referred to shafiQ, (that’s me).
24. Stay away from me, I’m a sinner.
25. If all of these points just annoy you, GET LOST! Aight?

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