Chapit Zulkefli: Bonnie & Clyde?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bonnie & Clyde?

Ayy.. I'm depressed right now, everything is flashing by in ma head, runnin through ma brain, ma nerve. Then, this memories passin by. Haha.. Still remember back in 1998, when I was in Standard 2 (we're just 8 years-old that time), ma lil shawty dedicated this song to me. Aww.. she's adorable. Day by day are meant for us. Eventhough at that time we dont know what is tha heck that being called as "Love", but we are happy together, go to school together, doin excercise, I'm being punished by teacher because we sit next together, bla3.. Then, this is tha sad part. She left me alone after she move to another school. Now, I found her. But, she already taken.

And I? Just like this. Alone. Aint havin any gal next to me, by my side. =)
the END.

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