Chapit Zulkefli: in the end?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

in the end?

it's officially over.
I felt helpless and hopeless while I'm voice it out,
spit em out from my mouth,
but I need to do this,
so that we can live peacefully without any problems,
being hurts or live in full of sadness..
I'm sorry..
I'm really sorry dear.
It's all over..

p/s: take care of ya selft. dont think bout me. just take care of yourself. I aint good enough for you. sorry cuz always hurting ya feeling since tha first time we met and talk. even I've dream we're meant together.. but it just a dream. I wish it comes true, but everything is up to HIM. take your time, your wound gonna heals, you will found a good person in future, that can lead and guide you for a much better life.


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