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Saturday, April 11, 2009

It wasn't a cliche

I still remember at tha 1st time I saw her,
I'm lookin directly into her eyez,
Then I ask her, "Hai,sorang je ke?"
She replied, "Ye saya. kita pernah jumpa ke?"
I replied back, "Perhaps. Awak cam familiar je.."
Then, the bond tied between us tightly hours by hours, days by days.

I still remember when I ask her to leave me alone cuz I'm not good enuff to be friend with her,
She mad with me and didnt talk with me about a week.
When we meet by chance, she tried to avoid me.
At that time, I felt very guilty.
It's like she's hating me so much at that time.
Then, after I tried to console her, I'm glad that she's accepting me.

After a few moth,she's goin home early than me.
She's got a chance to continue her study at University.
At that time, I didnt get any offer to continue my study.
I'm always pray for her

Our friendship burst day by day,
We're happy each other.
But, I'm always spoiled all the good time.
Huh, my words are irritate.
She's always cried by my words.

I love her but I dont know how to show it.
To make her happy,
I threw away my ego,
Being humble and control my anger.

Ah, I regret cuz I made her like that.
And I dont know how to change this.
She said to me that I've changed a lot.
She told me that I'm not the one who she met at tha 1st time.
I admit what she said.

I'm not being unfaithful.
I love her.
Still and will love her.
But through the time, I've changed.
I'm busy with everything.
All sort of problems come and go.
Made me tense and depressed.

I let her go after a couple of time we break.
It's all my fault.
She's caught on fever at that time.
I kept thinking all of this.

Now, my health decrease.
I'm often migrain, cant sleep at night,
Feelin depressed with my life (I'm also dealing with other problems),
Hence, silence is the best for me.

That's why I'm less talk,
More on writing,
This is the way for me to release my tense.
Dont blame her.
I'm the one should be blame for.

Hopefully one day,
I can turn this back to where it should be.
Hopefully, I can rest in peace.
See her smiles eventhough at that time,
I'm looking her high from above,
She's happy with a man that appreciate and love her more than me.

I've voice all of this deeply from the bottom of my heart.
Hopefully, she's happy with her new life.
And forget bout me,
Eventhough she tell me that I'm the one who give her a new hope.


p/s: I need my painkiller right now. Feelin like my head gonna blow.

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chapit said... Best Blogger Tips

pian, tolong tengok2kan dia untuk aku.

p a a n. said... Best Blogger Tips

masih belum sempurna tu..

chapit said... Best Blogger Tips

apa benda yang belum sempurna?

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