Chapit Zulkefli: with Nrocinu @ AIM Roadshow (Queensbay PNG)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

with Nrocinu @ AIM Roadshow (Queensbay PNG)

With Nrocinu
On tha stage, thinking of something
There's a gal next to Roll, but we didnt snap her photo. Hehe
Makin' some jokes at this part
Introducin ma self. Just spit em out!
And tha question is..
Yes, you're right!!
Sesi Melepak bersama Nrocinu
Berbincang tentang sesuatu..
Kita minum dulu!!

On 24th April, at that night I'd already meet Roll at Hotel Seri Malaysia with Zul's Burger to deliver the burger that they've order. At that tinme, they're goin to Queensbay for soundcheck and rehearsal. Hence, we already discuss about the roadshow. Nrocinu have gave us tha white tee as an exchange for the burger (as we're dealing eventhough we gave it for free), on the next day, I've been asked to record their performance. Then, I've attend there with Zul's Burger, then chill em up. I wear that white tee to show them my support. I'm happy what I've done on that day, and there is a session for Nrocinu eith fans, and I've been invited to tha stage. Feelin honour being there. There's a question, and I'd answer it. Then gotta souvenir from them. =) There's an invitation for dinner with them at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Zul and I already there and hanging out with them from 12am till 2am. Quite interesting hanging out and talk with them. Btw, support our local group. You all can view their page at =)

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tanya soalan utk dapat adiah jek..

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