Chapit Zulkefli: End of Semester 1

Friday, May 22, 2009

End of Semester 1

Today, I've already finished answering my Math paper. A lil bit probz bout tha graph paper, but iit's okay then. And, already done for my Digital, Hardware and C Programming paper too. Hard to say that, I'm goin to be a senior next semester, and I'll be in DIP2A (currently in DIP1A), Ermm... Speechless. The time gone so fast, I didn't realized that now I'm just around the corner at the end of May. Thanx for tha memories in DIP1A. I'll kept it deeply in my heart, engraved it in my memory. And I wish, if I can turn back tha time, I would prefer to be in DIP1A again and again.. Hehe.. Problems, tears and laugh come and go, as time goes by, we're goin to be matured, and our age increase, a lot of responsible, and all of these are rely on ourself, aight?

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