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Monday, May 11, 2009


Ah.. It's tha day when Nisa goin treat us at KFC. She said that, "Tak pelah, aku belanja korang, kita makan-makan". Then I said, "Sure, just set tha time".On the next day, all of us gather at KFC, then with a few subject we talking on, she came with tha meals. all of us enjoy tha moments, share tha food together. N our special guest also : Wan Fathi. :D
Btw, thanx for the meals. As exchanged, here is our photo (I aint in there cuz I'm tha photographer. =] )

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nisa sudah! said... Best Blogger Tips

huahhaha...sape blanje weh??
bile ni???aku lpe..hahha...

Chapit said... Best Blogger Tips

hahaha.. kaw la yg belanja.
sapa lagi :D

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