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Monday, June 1, 2009

Down from my Hometown with Love : Bukit Merah

Yeah.. Like I said, I'll posted to you what I've done in my hometown (kampung).
Too many thing happend while I'm being there since Thursday til Sunday (28th - 31st May).
Hence, I tell ya'll what happend there.

Day 1

On tha first day, I gone home in tha evening around 2pm, after having lunch with ma father at our favorite stall.
Then, after taking our lunch, I went to PBU to take a form from my lecturer for Pendang, Kedah (there will be a camp).
After that, I take RapidPenang to jetty and take a ride with the famous Penang's Ferry.
When I arrived at Butterworth, I need to take a bus to Parit Buntar.
Before that, I went for my Solat Asar, then I went to the counter that I always buy the ticket.
But, all of these counter are moved to Penang Sentral(just next to the B'worth jetty, former site for Butterworth Bus Station).
Then, I arrived at Parit Buntar, taking my to my hometown then.

Day 2

It's Friday. Yeah.. Friday.
Not much done on this day.
Just went to perform Solat Jumaat with my grandfather.
On the evening, I'm really bored.
Then just going out and "merayau2" at my kampung.
Then, something happend to me.At 195.4km, PLUS highway, I got a small accident.
Hehe.. Alhamdulillah, nothing happend.
Just my aunt motorcycle a lil bit dirty.In tha same day, my aunt got accident with a lorry.
Oh, dear. My grandmother so worried bout her.Then, I go to the place where the accident occured with my grandfather.
Taking few photos as evidence. But I cant stand when she still havin time to pose in front of camera. Hehe..
Then, she settled there with the lorry driver.

Day 3

I went back to my 2nd hometown.
I miss the scent of paddy field, tha air breeze to ma face.
Daymne.. I missed it damn much homies!
Then, I stay with my relative for a night, and early in tha morning after Solat Subuh, I went home.

Day 4

I do nothing.
Just capturing a few photo.I saw this insect while I'm talking to my mother. Hehe..Then in tha night, I come back to Penang.
the End..

For all photos, just stream from below~

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