Chapit Zulkefli: The Unexpected . . .

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Unexpected . . .

Yeah, I'm back..
Just a few minutes ago, just ridin my motorcycle to buy some stuff at "Pasar Minggu",
then I just ride as I'm always do. It's 4pm I think when I'm out from ma home.

While I'm on my ride :
1. I'm almost fell off from my ride.
2. Overshot into other lane while ridin
3. Almost hit by a car when I'm tried to take over a van
4. Almost being hit my another motorcycle on my way home.

I dont really know what happend to me.
But my mind kept thinking bout something, messy and hectic.
Daymne sure. My painkiller already out. For sure, I'm havin a big problem enuff to make me almost die into dead meat.

Hence, if I'm already can see tha stairways to heaven, yeah..
Send me there. It's tha day that I'm waitin for a long rime ago since tha thay it's stated. Too much happiness can kill you, and too much misery culd make you down.
Which people should you believe when nobody gonna believe in you, understand you?
Daymne, doncha ever think that I'm frustrated. This is what it's all about,
day by day, month by month, years passin by : NOTHING CHANGED!
Even I tried to change everything, but all failed.
Here, take me HOME!!!!

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