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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Like a Dream

Currently, just bored at home.
Then, I'd turn on my Olympus and edit this picture after I saw an tutorial at Digital Photography School.
So, I just try the tutorial, and the result is as shown below:
This is the original picture that I snap after resizing it.After
A lil bit touch up. Like I'm capturing this in my dream.. Hehe..
Yeahhhh~ I like it.
Finally I got pleanty of new things in photography.
Nice.. I can improve my skills day by day.
Btw, we call this insect "Kelulut".
I dont know its name in English neither its scientific name. =)
Interested? Here, click to view the tutorial.

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p a a n. said... Best Blogger Tips

ko gune kamera ape nih?

Chapit said... Best Blogger Tips

pakai Olympus FE-330 jek paan wehhh~

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