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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The memory remains....

Hehe.. Kinda funny actually when I saw this photo. Last nite I can's sleep.
While I'm viewing a photo from my Picasa album, suddenly I came across this photo.
I was at the National Service for 3 months.
While I'd snap this photo, it's already on May, and my training ends on June.
I still remember when I snap this photo on.
It's on Sunday. Everybody meet their family at the car park at the entrance but my parents couldn't came because the distance make them not to do so.
Hence, I wear full loreng and snap photo with my room mates.
Still remember how Pak Din mocking on me cuz wearing full loreng, then teasing Azmi cuz being prank.
We tell Azmi that our trainer call us for duty.
Then he rushed to wear loreng too.
Hehe.. Pity of him.
Yeah, National Service made me change a lot, from negative to positive.
Thanked God cuz I'm among the 'choosen one'(as said from our KJ), being brought to there.
Who know, 1 day I'll be back at there, perhaps as a trainer.
The memory still remains.. Forever.. =)

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sillentkillerz said... Best Blogger Tips

orait.. my comment is from the bottom of my heart.. hehe i miz all the memories there too..

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