Chapit Zulkefli: Yes, I'm an evil & bad person. Why?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yes, I'm an evil & bad person. Why?

Just waiting at my balcony till sunset.
Ermm.. Kept thinking, is it true I'm a monster that in a shape of a boy?
Daymne.. Why all of this always happend.
It's like I'm out of control.
Can't control my ownself, done bad thing..
Hurmm.. Need much more time & space.
Gone hometown till my semester break over.
It's have been a week that I can's sleep.
Can't cloze my eyes when tha stars twinkled, when the moon shines..
Hence, I kept on migrain. Sometimes feelin pain on ma chest & neck.
Eventhough I ain't see doctor, but I can feel that my blood pressure runnin high.
Btw, thanx Bun cuz reading my daymne blog.
Haha.. I know you're lurking over there, peeping for my blog.
See you back in PBU.

To all PBU juniors, enjoy your day at PBU.
Hopefully all of you can adapt yourself with PNG lifestyle.
To all PBU seniors, we've made it.
Now, we're tha senior. Show to tha junior the best of us.

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