Chapit Zulkefli: Through tha pain

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Through tha pain

I'm current aint okay.
Got migrain n gastric often recently.
By the way, I'm happy cuz already at PBU now (Now I'm in DIP2A).
Hav start my study back, gott new lecturer, new classmate (after Farah has left PBU),
then... I just think that this semester quite challenging.
Therefore, I need to be more hardworking, keep struggling.
Hopefully everything gonna be alright.
Just need a pleanty of time to stabilize my emotion & condition.
I'm listening back to Cradle of Filth (currently listening to Cradle of Filth - The Fire Still Burns, and Cradle of Filth - English Fire).

Music Playlist at

Daymne, it's have been a long time that I didn't listen to them.
Perhaps just releasing my tense.
Hopefully, after I wrote this, all kinda sorts of problems in my mind will flew away..

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