Chapit Zulkefli: Dear My Seniors and Juniors @ PBU, and you as well..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dear My Seniors and Juniors @ PBU, and you as well..

First of all, thanx for reading this posting.
I posted this bulletin to say I'm sorry for all sins and bad things that I've done since I'm in 1st Sem till this 2nd Sem.

Yeah, I admit that my words are sarcastic, explicit, not suitable for formal usage and so on, always bad tempered and put the blame on people.
Yes, that the bad side of me. I wonder, why all of the bad things that I'have done will be talk, will be voiced out whenever I have done wrong or make a mistake, but the good thing nobody talk about it.

This does not mean that I always want you all say the good thing bout me, keep credits and praising on me, while kept all the bad things aside.
As a normal person, I also have feeling, have problems and much more as you all dealing with.

All of us have our own responsible in the same time our responsible to the others too. Therefore, be flexible. Do not underestimate the others. Be understanding and empathy. Most importantly, show some respect even though to your foe.

Before I'm closing this entry, I would like to say "Thanks" for all friends and foes, lecturers and friends.
Without all of you, I'm just nothing. I'm happy with what I'm doing, and I hope I'm always can satisfied all of you and make you all keep smiling.

Sorry for any grammar and language mistakes. I'm not good in writing in English as you. =)

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