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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doing My Job

Aight.. Mic check 1 2. I'm back.
It's have been a long time that I ain't posting here.
Just keep busy with my life, more assignment, private problems,
Bla3.. all sort of problem are here, in ma mind.
Just like a mini market. Hehe..
Btw, alhamdulillah cuz I still have chance to live, breath easily, n all kind of thing that normal person can do, I still can do.
Hence, nothing much change.
Just feel alone, ain't got enuff rest.
Often slept in Puan Hani class (sorry Puan. I ain't meant to do so. But I have problems. Can't sleep. Not because I'm keep browsing web, listening to music, watching movie, hanging out with my dad, n all kind of things that I do on weekend, but.. believe me. I'm strivin for this since in Form 1).
Sorry once again if I've done wrong mentioning other person's name in my blog.
Hee.... Just get back from Bangi.
Gone to my aunt house. take my grandmother there.
She need to attend a brief from Tabung Haji.
Wish her safety. Hopefully everuthing gonna be aight.
Hopefully she'll be strong n got Haji Mabrur.
Just late in evening I came back from Politeknik Seberang Perai with Ben.
he take me there to arrange the scene and take some photos there.
For our 1st Politeknik Balik Pulau Convocation.
Yeah.. Feelin proud eventhough not the official photographer from Unit Multimedia.
At least, I gain experiences from the event.
Thanx Ben.

I dun have any interesting story to tell about.
Just a bored life with same routine n same things to do.
Dealin with same problems everyday.
Hopefully one day, I can stop all of these things that bothering me.

Lastly, congrats to SIT4 for their Convocation. =)

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