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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Youth Region Crew Alias Y R C @ www.HipHopArabia.Net

Youth Region Crew Alias Y R C { History }

Fresh Mic & bodYbod Egyptian Rap n Hip-Hop Music Group At The Beginning Of 1995 The History of Distance With Fresh Mic Talent Group Story Started As A Dancer Group Band Called (E.B.D) Meant At That Time The Electro Break Dance Show Group, Was formed from Seven Members through A Dance Shows in Open Proms and first One was In Kuwait in a Coast Called Ras Al- Ard and The Public Navy Club Specially in the winter, and however The Summer was In the Al Masila Coast The Most Of These Parties were about a Recorded Songs For A Celebrate Singers and The Other Was Blank, and This was Through The Coordinator Of The Cultural and art Activities, who was doing his Job perfectly in Founding a lyricism and spectacular Parties at The same time, and Through This Parties He Introduces the young Talents for The Individuals and The Club members and The coast Gusts for this Day ( The Party Day ), But after a while and for educational reasons Every One of Us Go on His Own way In Education To Make his Own Future Then The band split In the heyday of Its Success after It makes a Reported achievements In every Bodies Mind, and we still Contacted until Now. And Then The Founder if The Band decided to Continue This Long run way At The Beginning accompanied with Structure enlargement But through Singing Not Dancing as It was his 2nd Talent In this time, So he anticipated To Make A Hard training schedule Aims to Raise The Performance level to the Top through The Rap and Hip-Hop Music On Condition That The Lyrical Stories have a Target and Message to The People In Arabic Specially The Egyptian Arabic, and to be In one Sequence and one Logo which Is The All for One and the One for all. However the Journey Starts Under the Egyptian Sky Lived in Alexandria Which is One Of The Govern orates which characterized as The Bride Of The White Sea and In The same Place he make Some kind of enlargement of the Domain by Adding Egyptian individuals, and with the entrance of the 2001 The Dependent unit started be founded as ( Katiba Masreya ) Not For Including Egyptian Members Only but also Because He is from an Egyptian Blood he called ed it by this Name Because It will Not be Only Working on Writing The Lyrical Stories or Singing only but also because It Have The Best western dance designers on the Arabian land, And This is for accompanied The Songs With a dance Shows That Explain And Clarify The Lyrical Meaning to The Spectator, To Make Him enjoy the Chosen topics Bouquet Day after Day The Band Started To attract a lot of people Whom interested to Deliver The Targeted Message which Its Terms Includes The real and Well declaration of the Own Opinion, beautiful feelings and Painful feelings As well specially On the Arabs Land. EGYPT ZONE Branded by discussing the Raised Topics about the Arabs society including the Current Cases especially the street cases through the actuality that really happens In it That’s Not preferred to be Discussed or Even Speak about it . And here in 2002 he decided to start the needed exercises without favoring anybody by giving any peace of directions and the created Ideas in the dramatic art of Singing and How to attract The Eyes while Standing On front of The Camera and moving On The stage with the Right style That suits the Individual and The Band at the same Time, and at the mid Year he Put The Ground Rules To The Band. The Position Of The Band: 1 the band Member is assuming to seize the opportunity Or the occasion of celebrating Something, they Pass On the places That the Youth Come constantly to, with Having an agreement with The place Owner,, To ask The attending people about their opinion In The widespread Rap and Hip-Hop Style In Egypt and the Arab Lands and what Is Requested To be Discussed through This Kind Of music To participating to Show up Its Talents through the big parties however it was closed or open parties, and Its Just a followed ways to appear on the domain on the right way. 3 while making an agreement with a Center or a sporting club or others to Show The Band's Job (duty) this Place is requested to supply the requested Materials according the signed Contract rules between the band conversationalist and the place with respect to chosen Purposes or the Offered purposes from the Place to us, to have an offer That Suits Him without administrative gaps, KatibA MasreyA As Organizer of the concert music, Arab Republic of Egypt Plus That Speaker of the Talent Group Is Fresh Mic & The Individual Effort The pinned Singers Is Y R C, The beginning of 2003 and There At Alexandria after that we started to recording As A Single Crew and then A common songs under (Youth Region Crew) as a Band Name to spreads the message from all directions, That's not every thing but also another Single songs will be recorded to any contributed Band Member to Let Katiba Masreya Alias K.M Give Him Self's the suitable area to characterize by his own style of Singing, Not only this but also another Single Members Joined the K-M some of them were specialized in bars Only In the Live Parties to develop and find his own style that will let the listener enjoy In the future and the other Member r Responsible for the backup this is Just because he Own the sound ore of this job, In 2007 a new fruitful History of songs band from Cairo And then we will start an new road to walk. The Recorded Messages Is a lot But we have Just one Target to the Arabs Specialty to the Egyptians. Just for Your Information K-M Is a name Of all the Arabian people On Earth and It always welcomes all The Interested friends, This is Because there is Some People searches for Other People to Receive from them The Targeted Message from Inside And Outside Egypt as The (Arabs Sound) It about To Express The idea, feelings, purposeful projects or curiosity In a Useful thing inside them that Could help other people and This is Through several fields like Music, Singing, acting, Photographing or Authoring , I mean They have a Target and suppressed ambitions & We have in Our unit more people talking About Real Problems & how To Solve & Always Trying To Advice The listeners In EG Street And The Middle East Side Too Especially Egyptian Society and more be sure because We Want As You Want To So True To Be The Voice Of Our big mum (Egypt) & make One Unit with big Arab rap underground hip-hop game So we will say welcome to every one out there have the talent to give him self and Arab World listeners to be One Group One Hand, One Love, One Nation In Peace.

To Essam: Thanx for tha request. Hopefully one day we gonna meet and work together as a team.
Just promoting their music, go to or visit them at HipHopArabia.Net.

p/s: It's been an honor when I saw you use the design that I had done for you as requested. Thanx Essam.

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