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Friday, December 11, 2009

Psycho Tribe - Supreeeme!

Ahaha.. This design is design for Nawi from the Psycho Tribe. Last nite daymne kool. Hangout with Reza, Nawi n Shazet.
Yes, all of em are cool. We're going to Kapitan @ Queensbay.
Just sit there and have some drinks and food.
Nothing much we talk about, just about our daily life, works and etc.
Cant stop laugh by the jokes from Reza.
To Nawi: Be patient. It's a long Journey. Hehe..
Btw, here I would like to present the song called BUMP (Battle Utara Mai Putaq) in Penang dialect.

Like this song? Yes, it's kinda creative.
Allright, stop mumbling. For more, just go to

p/s: Keep all your good work Nawi.
To Reza : Selamat Pengantin Baru. Sorry can't be there cuz I need to attend an event for polytechnic. Thanks for introducing to Shazet. Yes, have some fun when hanging out with all of you. ;)

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