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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Holla! I'm back. Just got a few things to update with. Nothing special this time. Recently, PBU had campus election. Yes, our 1st Campus Election for Balik Pulau Polytechnic. I also compete in this election too. Btw, alhamdulillah I made it. Thanks to all voters for voting on me. Insya Allah, I'll do the best. It was a big responsibilities, aint just a title nor position. Big power come with big responsibility, hence I'll strive for it.

Last Thursday after my Networking theory test, I just went out earlier (Sorry Mrs. I just got blank, hence cant perform well for your paper ;( ). Then I went to BJ with Izzat. Hehe.. Nothing much, just hanging around there. 2 days before, I just went to a watch shop at there, surveying the prices. My dream watch is Caterpillar watches but cant afford it cuz dayyumn expensive. With low budget and small amount of money, I change my mind, then I took that Casio. Yes, i ,like it damn much, got analog and digital display, and other damn things. Cool enuff uh. Still have a little amount of money, then I took another celle for myself.

In this week, my head damn bad headache. Feelin like gonna blow, just took my dad's migrain painkilla, hence knocked down (fallen asleep likes there no mo tomorrow). Just kept thinking why I got all of these thing, I just think positively that all of these are test from Allah. All of these bad things are just an atonement. I just pray that hopefully I still manage to strive for the next day, till my last breath.

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