Chapit Zulkefli: Farewell to Mamat : Our Jr. Rasta Chef

Monday, April 19, 2010

Farewell to Mamat : Our Jr. Rasta Chef

A visit from DJ YY from Mutiara FM with Omara from Galapagos, the picture taken from the last night Mamat with us, 15/04

Salam.. Kinda sad actually. Yeah, it's have been about 4 months Mamat with us. After he had finished his school life and ast his SPM examination, he was sent to be with us, in training for burgers at Zul's Burger. At the first day he was with us, kinda harsh actually we treat him. Hehe.. That's a normal things for us to do when we got new comers. Of course, selling burger seems easy to others. That's why others people always underestimate people like us who sold burgers as hawker at street. But they should remember that, cooking for giving customer for eating is not an easy task. Customer come and go. Different peoples come with different taste and attitude. Hence, we need to be much more patient in dealing with them.

Alright, back to our main subject, Mamat. At the first time, he kinda shy actually, not familiar with people, and less concentration in taking order and cooking. After we had train him, finally after 2 months, he made it. He finally can cook for himself and for others to eat. Yeah, happy with his achievement. So many things happen around while he with him. Hope that can be his best and sweet memories. Life in Relau aint simple as we think. I think Mamat know more about life in Relau. He had gone through so much thing. Hope he can be much more independent when he in college, can interact with peoples easily by applying skills he learnt while with us. To Mamat, goodluck for your study. We all here will keep in touch with you. Remember what we have told you that night. ^^.

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