Chapit Zulkefli: So, this is how we do ay?

Monday, July 19, 2010

So, this is how we do ay?

Today, 19-July-2010, I just found out that I'm thinking too much about others till I didnt gave much chance and enuff time for myself. I just keep entertain the others till forget bout myself. Damn. I always do that just for free. Why do I wrote like this? Cuz they aint appreciate what I'd done for them. Sometimes they dont do ever thanked for what I'd done, then just blame on me and turn me like a guilty person. Yeah, my blog full of hatret and bad things, bad feeling bla3. Thats better than I release my anger, and tempers on others. Hours by hours, days by days, problems come 24/7 non stop. I'm just a normal person. I also need a rest from all sort of this. I can take this anymore. My words just nothing. Nobody want to listen ay? If you're wishing to see my rebel, my anger, temper and all sort of bad things nout me, bring me on. You just make a big MISTAKE for SURE! I never lie, I keep on my words!

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