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Thursday, July 8, 2010


I just came back from GH actually (this post was written today, but the date were yesterday). After a month I got cough and chest pain getting more n more bother my life, then I do medical check up with doctor last morning. For sure, I just though it was normal. After I got xray and wait for a few hours, gyeah! Got tha result. Doc said that I aint got TB, for sure. Just my lungs got germs in it. Shoot. Made me shock with that statement. I still calm actually. At that time, I just think bout my granny at hometown actually. Yeah, she'll drop her tears if she knows. True, I'd tell her. I just want to go back to see her this weekends. It have been a long time since last month I didnt went back there. Arghh.. Kinda hectic with all of my works here. Dear Allah, help me then..

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