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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Almost There..

With Azlan Shahril, my classmate. And always be my partner when we got assignments/mini projects at Politeknik Balik Pulau

Current, its already 2th of October, 2010. Yeah, for sure, a few more days left for me to do my industrial training at PTMKN SUKPP. Its almost 22 weeks I'm here. So many things that I had learnt from here. From nothing to something. Currently I'd assigned for portal development while my others 3 classmates were assigned for systems development. While strive for my portal thingy, I was assigned for graphic and multimedia project. Yes, thats what I wanted. The best thing that I ever wanted. ^^.Doing my flash animation. At this time, I need to finished up for e-Kerajaan Pulau Pinang.

My training will end on 19th November, 2010. Just around the corner for sure. Tomorrow, 25th October. i need to present my flash animation for the portal.
Insha Allah. Hopefully, everything that I'd done work well and perfectly.
Alright, need to take my breakfast + lunch. Hehehe.. See y'all late!

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