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Monday, October 18, 2010

Through days and nights~

Assalammualaykum~ I think its have been a long time I didnt posted any entry to this blog. Kinda busy actually. Currently I need to finish up my projects at office. my industrial training almost end. Just around the corner. evrything need to be complete. Therefore, enjoying my dayout with deadline just made me craaaayzy :D

Flash and Illustrator just being my best friend. Just hang out with em. Demmm~
Almost hectic with all sorts of things, then I made a decision to go out with my friends. For sure, its dayout. With PNG-ite brothers: Nawie, Nizam and Norazam.
I think, its almost 2 years or more that I started a conversation with Norazam aka The RhymeWeaver. And at sudden, we have a chance to meet up. Thanks to Nawie, driving through 2 states, PNG to Kedah to PNG back. Hehehe..

Lots of things happend on that day. We start with I'm waiting Nawie, then waiting for Nizam. Haha.. Enjoy em for sure. Sing a long in the car through highway. Lost at Sg. Petani, and pick up Norazam at MRSM Merbok. Next, gone to UiTM for Mia (Nizam's Wifey). Okay, we had lunch together. Many things we talk about. Starting with life, work, experiences and more. After lunch, we're going back to PNG.

At PNG, we took Norazam around the island. Its something more like Jalan - jalan Cari Makan. Took him to Padang Kota, Gurney (hanging out at Echo Park, having a conversation at A&W, its all about hiphop and music), Batu Feringghi (Hard Rock Hotel, Ferrari Car, Beaches), Tanjung Tokong, going back to Tokong Ular for Sani's Char Kueh Teow and take him back to Sg. Petani.

Spending whole day with em make me feel much more relax. For me, its like we are a family that havent see each others for a long time. Whats more I can say, y'all tha best homie!

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