Chapit Zulkefli: 25th November

Thursday, November 25, 2010

25th November

Hershey's Kisses
Its 25th November already. A few more days, I'll be in 5th Semester of my study at PBU.
Thats mean, I'd only 6 months left for me to be known as IPT student.
Yeah. Time just ticking non stop.
For sure, every moments that being borrowed to us must be used and managed wisely as we can.

As days goes by, too much thing I'd faced. Y'all know what I mean.
For an example, you need to pay for your bills, maintaining your PC, taking good care of your health and etc.
And what happens to me, it was the 2nd time that I'd being tested by Allah SWT.
My mother got cancer for twice. OMG, it was striving to survive all of these test for me.
Moreover, it just a year after the 1st operation that she had.

Yes. I do felt really down. For sure.
But somehow, thanks to all of my friends that helping me, give me support for me to take through all of these.
Alhamdulillah. Allah granted my prays. The operations were successful and she's getting much better day by day.
Thanks to my lil sister for taking care of Mama at hospital.
I'm sorry cuz I got a few things to settle up for my LI, hence I can't be there next to Mama.
Just came to visit her with my dad.

And me? Just happily each day by day with.. Hehehe..
Thanks to Allah the Almighty for sending her down here for me.
I'm happy with her (^^,)y

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cik hani said... Best Blogger Tips

nak sikit coklattt!

cik hani said... Best Blogger Tips

ouh.baru baca betul2..chapit, semoga tabah ek..

Lovely Bella said... Best Blogger Tips

erk.. nak coklat dlm gmbo tuh.. plss... hehehe :)

Chapit said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks bella.
nak? silalah ambil :)

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