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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's have been a long time~

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 Hi there. Through this week I'd update a lot actually. For sure, I got plenty of things to talk about. It's have been a long time. A year after I got my accident on 14th February. I still remember at that time someone crying for me when I informed that I got an accident. Next, on that night also I'd bleed a lot till I'm hard to breath. blood spills everywhere. The scars remains till this day. Ah. Memories just passing by. Made me much more matured each day by day.

Time passing by so damn fast. I felt like 3 years back from 2009 just like 3 weeks for me. Nahmean? Now, I'm already in final year of my studies. In my mind, I kept thinking whether I'll further my study or just work to pay my dues. Tonight is Maulidurrasul. As Muslim, I wish to all my brothers and sisters in Islam, Happy Maulidurrasul. May our love rosed towards Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Today, I got Java test. Dammit. I didn't well prepared cuz yesterday I'm damn tired. Haha.. Nobody should be blamed for. It's all my fault cuz I didn't study for it early. When I got the paper, I'm shaking for sure. Though the question is fcuking easy but I still didn't manage to answer it. Oh, My LORD! It was a big mistake for sure. I'm so damn screwed!
Talent : 'Izzat
Location : Teluk Bahang
Last Saturday, I shot this photo using D90 (not mine. I can't afford for it). This is the friend of mine, Muhammad 'Izzat. We're at Pantai Teluk Bahang for our mini project actually (I wont tell it again and again, moreover when you already read the previous entry). So, I took this opportunity to post this photo at my facebook and here at my blog. Yayy. :D

Coming soon : I will upload our Assignment 5 video at my fb and here. Till then, its already 0143hrs, good morning then ;)

p/s: I miss u dear~ It's have been a long time I didnt wrote in English ayy?

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