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Monday, April 18, 2011

are worthless.

Dear sweetheart. Havent you learnt what from what I had told you,
Taught you and explained to you?
As you can see, these 3rd entry (including this entry),
are in sequence as you can read it from here and here.
If I told you one, then I told you twice so that you can understand everything clearly.
As the third time that I need to told you. It just simple my dear.
Just follow my lead. Hear and obey.

Aint that hard for you to follow?
As you can see. They are close with you. Be with you.
But remember, they got something on you.
After they had what they wanted.
They'll leave you.

Dontcha act like a fool being fooled by them my dear.
As they can change due to the atmosphere,
So they can change based on their needed to hold you, controlling you.
Havent you learnt my dear?

If you had learnt, follow me.
If you dont, keep following em.
But always remember,
I have told you about this.

And when you had realized everything, you're too late.
There's no turning back for you then.
The grief and regrets are endless through the time though.
Do you understand what I'm saying? ;)

p/s: this just two cents from me.

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