Chapit Zulkefli: A week at hometown~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A week at hometown~

BBQ time!
Aha. I'm back on my blog. A few days before I just want to post this entry but since blogspot had down lately, so I just posted this entry today. These photos that I have been taken shows a few things that I had done during a week at my hometown, a few days of 2 months of my semester break :)

Alright, almost there
Thanks to my lovely lil sis, she already done to marinate the chickens for me. Next it is my turn to grill those chicken on the charcoal. For sure, its hot and made me sweat. But, it was a wonderful time when I can spend my time with her cuz she was studying in JB while I'm in Penang. North and South tearing us apart yaw.

She's on the road
On the next day, as I promised, I teach her to ride a motorcycle. Yeah, she wanted to lean, so I taught her the way to ride it. Practice made perfect. For sure, first ride was a tough one. An accident just made her be much more cautious when riding it ;)

The Kufi created by Master Shukor Yahya
On the next day, I went to Tabung Haji with my grandma. Accompany her to deposit her money in the bank. There, I found out this brochures then I take em home as they gave free. This design made me reminisce the time when I saw this design create by Master Shukor Yahya, among a Kufi's Artist in Malaysia, and also the person who I learnt the way to create Kufi Murabba :)
Our new outlet for Zul's Burger Penang @ Kompleks Lebuh Nipah

That's all what I have done in my hometown. Back to Penang, I just had done my new design for my dad new outlet. Alhamdulillah, we managed to get lot at the food court. I hope this will made us working harder and harder to achieve our goal, selling burger in a bonded truck and spread our wings in selling burger in Penang. Before that, results for final examination for Politeknik Balik Pulau will be out on 16th May. Hopefully I will pass with flying colors. Insha Allah. Til then, thanks for reading :)

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