Chapit Zulkefli: Shoutmix telah tamatkan perkhimatan percuma

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shoutmix telah tamatkan perkhimatan percuma

Free service has to stop

Thanks for using ShoutMix for all these year. I have been providing free shoutboxes on the World Wide Web for over 7 years now. It wasn't long before I realized being 100% free is not sustainable. Just before ShoutMix's first birthday, it almost had to be closed.

ShoutMix has tried to work with the freemium business model ever since. Conversion rates were low with the first version. With the second version, things improved and I have had more paying customers. Fortunately people liked the service and started paying for more features.
Macamtulah ceritanya.. Memandangkan ShoutMix dah x support free, so lepas ni terpaksalah mencari alternatif lain. Alhamdulillah ada blogger yang tinggalkan jejak dan suggesr CBox. So, apa lagi. Jom try tutorial mudah yang beliau sertakan [di sini].

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