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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hectically week.

Having my Ghost Rider II moment with Munir. 
 After a long wait for a movie, I take a chance to watch it on last Sunday. Well. Its worth. Chillaxin with my homie, Munir, we went for a movie. Yes. Indeed, The photo already told you that I'm having my time with The Ghost Rider II. The movie still hook me up. with full of effect, tho they had change his bike, his jackets, still. The ghost rider never let me down. Hence, why not you experience for yourself the excitement of the movie. Then you tell me how does it feels like.

Next movie? GI Joe II and MIB II ;)

Blue Screen Of Death on Wednesday
Well.. Another wonderful day when you're having  a BSOD numsayin? It was a time while I'm doin my work on my Illustrator. Thank god I'd always do the precautions step by saving my work every 5 to 10 minutes while I'm on it. This ish kray. Almost yell all over my office due to this problem. And it is the time for me to considering for a new laptop. Mack Book perhaps? Or a desktop? Let the time decide. :)

My new Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch
Its have been a long time that I wanted this tablet so much. Yes, tho its kinda expensive (during my college time) I manage to buy this after I'm working. With this tablet, it help my work and ease me up while having my time in designing and sketching. tho I'm not a well gifted in physical drawing, to be exact, hand drawing, still i can sketch in virtual by the help of this tablet. Moreover, my work much more focus on tracing, designing and illustrations.

Unboxing Bamboo
This time, I'm out of time to do some unboxing video as I do in previous video. Hereby I just show you some stuff included in the box. Oh by the way, I'm looking for the wireless module for the tablet. At the moment still didnt have any information from the shop that I bought this tablet.

Item included in the box
As you can see, the packaging content are Bamboo tablet, pen for Bamboo, USB cable, replacement nibs, nibs removal tool, quick start guide, installation CD with driver software, Bamboo Dock and interactive tutorial. Not forget to mention all the included valuable software are Adobe Photoshop Elements, Ink-Squared Deluxe, Bamboo Scribe and Evernote. Those things are as shown below:

Software bundle included
Quick Guide
Wacom Bamboo Driver
Pen for bamboo with extra replacement nibs, and nib removal tools
And yes, the wacom bamboo tablet itself
Wacom Bamboo that have been set up.
Installing the drivers and software
Thats how I set up my Wacom Bamboo. Lets rollout!
Okay. Thats all what I have to share for this week. By the way. I'm embed this video for you. Enjoy it ;)

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art zam said... Best Blogger Tips dapat Bamboo,aku da lame nak dapatkannya tapi...,harganya berapa bro?

Chapit Zulkefli said... Best Blogger Tips

@art zam yang ni RM 419 bro :)

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