Chapit Zulkefli: A leap day in a leap year to be remembered

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A leap day in a leap year to be remembered

Due unboxing via video is too mainstream, enjoice this.

G-Shock in a box.
Taking off the cover.
Unboxing it. Here as you can see there the watch being placed.
This is exactly what it does look like.
A close up there.
At the back of the box where the warranty and simple guide book being included.
To show that this is the original 1, not a fake that you can get at the street walk.
As you can see, this is G Shock DW-6900-MS-1DR with 3230 module
This is how its look like when I'm wearing it.
Thats all for today. ;)
Hereby I put 2 video related to this watch. Enjoice yourself ;)

The review about the watch by GShockWarrior111

Go to 02:47 on the video ;)

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