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Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Header

The Previous header that I'd used almost about a year.
 Its have been a long time I'm designing for a new header. But then, I'm kinda busy and not had nuff time for this. The header supposedly change on 10th January. Due to a few problem that I had, I change it today.

The new header for my blog
The chibi designed by my best friend, Arellika. Thanks for the chibi homie. The design consist of Diwani Khat, written as Chapit, and also as you can see there a Kufi also included, Cha, Dzal, representing C and Z, as Chapit Zulkefli. And at the bottom of it, I placed my web domain. This header is also applied to my blog,  Till then, see you in the next entry ;)

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nisa_perasan_cun said... Best Blogger Tips

style..hensem header ko..aku suke

Chapit Zulkefli said... Best Blogger Tips

@nisa_perasan_cun TQ :)

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