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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review - RUN TPG

With Spuxs | 10th Mac
There was a time back in between 2007 when I'm actively roaming at Taiping, I knew a crew known as "FL" or Flow Crew. Their graffiti around all over Taiping. And this day, I meet the writer himself. Haha. Orait. Back to the main title. Its all about the RUN TPG tee that have been released a few months ago.

The design is designed by Spuxs, and in this project, I'd involved in tracing the logo as you can view it from the previous entry here. After the tshirt being released, I bought it from him. Well, the pack included with keychain, sticker and the t-shirt. At the moment, this tshirt already out of stock. We'd planned to reprint this tshirt but then it is differ from the 1st version. Just wait for it. More updates coming up ;)

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